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I live in the world full of pictures. My mind thinks in images born from the words I hear. There is no surprise then that I turned into illustrating books. The ones written by me but also the ones written by others. In addition I license my images or create bespoke illustrations for book covers /magazine covers/ posters etc.

Would you like to view my achievements in the illustration field and read authors’ testimonials? Keep scrolling... 

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There's a wobble_cover_IMG_0531_edited_edited.jpg

Dorota is an amazing illustrator who vividly captures There’s a Wobble in My Head. She brought my ideas to life with rich and vibrant colour. The depictions in my book are a true representation of a brilliant, creative and imaginative illustrator.

Many thanks to you!

I love it!

There's a Wobble in My Head

The scenes from this book are true representations of the daily experiences of my son who suffers from epilepsy. This is the first of a series of children’s picture books that speak from his perspective. It provides a unique insight into such a severe illness. This book is also a great tool to help children understand how it feels to live with a disability.

The Dusty Old Shop

The Dusty Old Shop is a story about a bookshop which awakens curiosity and excitement to visit a world full of magic for readers of any age. A great mixture of wise words and bright, colourful imagery, it will provide you with a portal to escape the mundane, to a world of the extraordinary. This story is also a mindful reminder to use books as resources to support positive mental wellbeing. Should you wish for a moment of magical escape, this book is definitely for you.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dorota on several projects, and it has been a positive and uplifting experience.

Her interpretations of my words, both in poetry and in text  borders on the uncanny.

She manages to illustrate exactly how I see the images in my mind as I write.

Dorota works at a ferocious pace, and deadlines, however tight are not an issue for her.

My latest book, a poem called The Dusty Old Shop has received 5 star reviews across many platforms, and I am in no doubt that Dorota's illustrations are a key factor in this.

I am looking forward to working with Dorota again very soon.


Brief Encounters

 Brief Encounters' first issue brings you three stories and a poem that really touch upon that feeling. Whether it's a stroll through Central Park with masks on, a fear of a killer disease, stuck facing crashing waves, or a humorous twist on a home invasion, we promise you won't be disappointed. My art piece titled 'Anxiety' has been  used on a front cover.

Korean Mental Health Tips

This project facilitated by Time To Change Kingston and the Korean community aimed to open up a dialogue about mental health by translating some mental wellbeing ‘top tips’ into Korean. I have been asked to help with depicting the narratives used.

“Dorota was a joy to work with on the Korean Mental Health Tips cards last year. She was eager to help us achieve our goal which was to print and distribute mental health tips cards along with a Christmas card and gift to over 100 elderly Korean people in New Malden in a very short timeframe. She listened attentively to out brief and then came up with a great idea to bring the ideas to life. She then drafted this idea quickly so we could visualise what she meant. This was far above our expectations, however there were a few elements we needed to change. She took on the feedback professionally and happily made the changes for us and returned the product to us exactly as we had specified. She worked collaboratively with people in the group to make sure the Korean writing has all been copied correctly. Dorota always completed the tasks on time, and even made time for us when we had some last minute changes. She went the extra mile in this project and we are so grateful for her beautiful work.”


Dorota worked very well to the brief of creating a poster for Growing a Song project. Her attention to detail and depiction of nature throughout is exquisite. Dorota’s positive energy and deep understanding of mental ill health naturally shines through her work, plus it made the process very smooth and enjoyable for the team.  - Time to Change Kingston Coordinator

Growing a Song

The "Grow a Song" project came about from a workshop during which champions continuing the legacy of Time To Change  created a collaborative poem focusing on nature and mental health in celebration of World Mental Health Day 2020. The creation of it was so enjoyable that it evolved into creating lyrics and a song. It is still in making but coming soon and I have provided an art piece to promote this project. Watch the space on Time To Change Kingston social media for a big launch soon.

The Hanging Tree

A stranger stumbles into a tavern and tells a story so fantastical it defies belief. The Hanging Tree is a terrifying story of the occult and supernatural. It takes the reader to a dark world of murder and mayhem. Accompanied by dark illustrations to enhance the reading experience.

the hanging tree cover_edited.jpg
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