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Exhibitions & Events

My first ever solo exhibition -titled Mental Health in Pictures- containing over 30 pieces of artwork exploring my own journey of ill mental health and recovery through art, took place in October 2020 at Creak Creative in Faversham, Kent. Then the same pieces where exhibited in June/July 2021 at Centrepieces Art Project PopUp Gallery in the heart of Bexleyheath.

There are a few pieces on exhibition with Clyde and Co. - law firm in London through Perspective Project initiative. As well as some pieces are on a display in the reception of a psychiatric ward in the Woodlands Hospital.

I frequently exhibit my work with Centrepieces Mental Health Art Project in Bexleyheath.


Sneak peek into the exhibitions:



My main focus is an exploration of states of mind and ill mental health. However, I am also highly influenced by nature, in particular trees. Additionally, as I am also a pathological doodler, there is a range of quick drawings using lines associated with neurographics. My main collections include:


  • Mental Health in Pictures

  • Non Compos Mentis

  • Into the Woods

  • Notes from Postnatal Depression

  • Motherhood Portrayals

  • Nature in Me Me in Nature

  • Neurographics

  • Semblances

  • Hmmm Collection

  • Grief

  • Jigsaw

  • Saltation

  • Surveillance

  • Through the Eyes of Soul’s Pilgrimage

  • From a Paint Blob to an Art Piece

  • Abstract Lenses

  • Norse Goddesses

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